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Close to one hundred years of experience, hands on personalized service, a dynamic management team, industry leadership, community involvement, and knowledge advantage provide value for our strategic partners on top of a granite foundation. 



Investment Management

The primary mission of ATCO’s Investment Management platform is to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns for its partners and proprietary capital.  Pursuant to its investment thesis, ATCO typically invests a substantial portion of the equity to create a full alignment of interest with its partners.  ATCO’s Acquisitions team focuses in select and diversified markets within the U.S., seeking highly differentiated opportunities that are not easily identified. ATCO emphasizes diligent underwriting, creativity for value-creation and off-market investment opportunities to ensure its success. ATCO’s capital markets initiative uniquely brings its balance sheet together with equity from select relationships and conservative debt to enable the transaction. ATCO’s Asset Managers execute individualized business plans and prudence in managing the real estate and capital investment to optimize the value that ATCO and its partners have created.

Architectural Design & COnstruction Management

Essential Design + Build is a turn-key residential and commercial contractor with full architectural, interior design, and decorating expertise. Driven by years of experience and astute attention to detail, Essential’s versatile team collaborates directly with clients on design, planning and implementation to achieve economic and award-winning results that maximize client satisfaction. As a certified US Green Building Council Contractor, Essential is able to provide sustainable construction that maintains environmental integrity.



Whether current owners, co-op boards, or equity partners, the property management team works closely with clients to maximize property values and achieve short and long term investment goals. Through an in-depth analysis of the asset, they are able to increase efficiencies to lower costs and enhance the value of our clients' properties.

Commercial Brokerage

ATCO's commercial leasing division has its finger on the pulse of Manhattan's office and retail marketplace. Always cognizant of the bigger picture, the company applies the most current information on developing trends, policies, changes, rules and regulations affecting commercial properties. Landlords, developers, attorneys, contractors and brokers rely on the company's expertise for advice and broad perspective.


Residential Brokerage

ATCO’s residential brokerage arm, Essential New York Real Estate, delivers personalized service by actually listening to its clients. Whether buying, selling or investing, the company’s resourcefulness and experience has produced satisfied home owners and tenants throughout New York City.