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Decades of experience, hands on personalized service, a dynamic management team, industry leadership, community involvement, and abundant expertise establish a granite foundation for our strategic partners, ensuring a safe and secure future.

For close to one hundred years, ATCO has developed, managed and owned a diverse real estate portfolio, primarily in and around New York City, and provided a range of services to other real estate owners. ATCO is a family owned and operated real estate operating company with an investment focus on retail, office, and mixed-use properties in leading Metropolitan Statistical Areas across the United States.


ATCO's Competitive Advantage

  • Real estate operating company with fiduciary and true partner mindset
  • Strong reputation built on transparency, proactive communication and alignment of interests
  • Longstanding history and seasoned executive team. Family owned and operated since 1922
  • Vertically integrated platform with financial expertise and engineering knowhow
  • Disciplined and consistent investment committee process
  • Relationship driven origination and systematic underwriting process
  • Entrepreneurial mindset with institutional quality procedures and reporting
  • Sustainable practices and active community involvement